Meal prep 101

So you’ve made the decision to stop wasting your money eating out weekly at places that pack unknown amounts of sugar and calories…OR maybe you want to stop this horrible habit but are turned off at the idea of spending a few hours a week in the kitchen just to achieve a healthier life.  If you are one of these people, this article may help you see the light…I hope.

When starting a healthy lifestyle, meal prepping will literally save your life and pockets. Instead of spending time on Yelp figuring out your next meal, why not spend the time to make it yourself and have your meals waiting for you in the fridge?

Below are a few commonly asked questions I get on a consistent bases.  I am not a dietician or nutritionist but I have been meal prepping faithfully for 5 years. These are just my suggestions.

  1. How many times a week should I meal prep?
    • It’s really up to you.  I prefer to prep twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesdays to decrease meal prep boredom.  However, cooking once for the entire week is great too!
  2. Do you prep Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks?
    • I typically prep lunch, dinner, and my snacks.  I make my breakfast at home before lunch.  But you could also prep breakfast by making a breakfast quiche or overnight oats.
  3. Do you get bored with your meals?
    • I used to get really burned on them when i first started but I’ve learned I have to prep a variety of things.  I always cook two meats (protein), two carbs (whole grain dishes and veggies), and I try to keep plenty of healthy snacks on deck like my Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Powerballs. I buy my food in bulk at Costco or Sam’s and freeze leftovers for another week. Also, do not eat the same meal in one day. You should never eat what you ate for lunch for dinner too!  This will definitely help you stay consistent.
  4. How do you know how much to cook?
    • Well, personally I know my calorie intake and how much my portions should be.  I would suggest using a TDEE calculator  to determine your suggested calorie intake; this will depend on your fitness/ weight goals. The best thing is to visit a nutritionist to help you with your macros.
  5. Do you weigh and measure your food?
    • Yes and Yes!  I need to know exactly how much I’m eating to best adhere to my diet plan.  If you haven’t already, purchase a food scale.  It will change your life because 9 out of 10 you’re just over eating.

Here are some suggested websites and food blogs to keep your meals exciting. 🙂

Food Tracker : MyFitnessPal

Hope this helps you in some way!



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